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Integrity Representative Payee Services has been assisting clients since 2007. Our organization provides assistance to any individual who is unable to handle their personal finances, or in some cases simply doesn’t want to handle their personal finances. Clients are referred to us because there isn’t a family member or friend who is willing, able, and trustworthy enough to do this for them. Sadly, many of our clients have been exploited in the past. In other cases, managing income and expenses has put a strain on a family or personal relationship, and it helps to have an objective third party take this over. Referrals are typically called, emailed, or faxed to us from the Department of Social Services, community mental health agencies, concerned friends and family members, or sometimes come directly from the client. We manage income sources including, but not limited to, Social Security Retirement, Social Security Disability Income, Supplemental Security Income, VA Pension, Civil Service (OPM) Pension, Railroad Retirement, current employment income, pension from previous employment, lump sums, reverse mortgages, alimony, and child support.  


Our organization serves clients in one of two capacities. In some cases, a client is required to have a person or organization manage their income. The Social Security Administration and the VA are the income sources most likely to determine this. Social Security terminology for this is requiring a Representative Payee. The VA calls this requiring a Federal Fiduciary. So with clients who are required by the agency who is also the income source, we manage the income, pay the expenses, and follow the rules of the income source. For any individual not described above, we serve as a Bookkeeper. In this capacity, we still manage a client’s income and expenses. However, the client is the decision maker. They are able to start, change, or stop service at any time. This enables them to retain the freedom to have control of their money, while also enabling them to have professional assistance with managing their income and expenses. With all of our clients, our goal is to manage their income and expenses in an efficient, timely manner. We handle the payment of a client’s monthly bills, and use remaining funds to provide for food and other regular expenses throughout the month. Our service benefits not only the client, but also the caretakers and caseworkers involved in looking out for the client’s best interests. 


The Integrity Representative Payee Services Board of Directors provides a wealth of expertise in nonprofit, social service, accounting, and information technologies, ensuring that we operate in an effective manner. In addition, the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration are able to review our accounting of client funds for accuracy and policy compliance.  

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